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Hectic beginning to the semester

Well, the semester officially started on Monday, the 13th. My first day at work was the 14th, and it was fun to meet with the students. My first day of class was on the 16th, and I feel pretty good about this course in SPSS. I got some unwelcome news about graduation–namely, it will be in August, rather than May. However, I’m the type to find a silver lining and the pushed back date means I get to refine my survey instrument, which I realize needs some work. All in all, it will work out because it has to work out.


James Rosenau’s Sub-Areas of Foreign Policy

Rosenau's Sub-Areas of Foreign Policy

So on October 24, 2013, I had to take my comprehensive exams for Political Science. Studying Rosenau was a bit like banging my head into a wall trying to cram as much about the case studies into my brain as possible. I’m happy to say, however, that I feel very confident about the exam and am expecting pretty good news some time next this week or next!

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