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Hear the meanin…

Hear the meaning within the word

I’ve loved this quote for years, but never really bothered finding out the history behind it. On the Internet–which could never, ever be wrong–it’s commonly cited as coming from Shakespeare, but no one can find the exact source for it. Of course, Shakespeare carries his own credibility issue as to whether he wrote some or all of the works attributed to him, but I’m not going to even attempt to untangle that.

I like the quote because it asks us to not take things at face value, but, rather, to attempt to understand completely what is meant by the words that are spoken. I think this–this hearing–is easier in face-to-face conversations than in any other form of communication, largely because so much of communication is nonverbal. It’s in our facial expressions, our body language, the tone of our voice, etc. While phone conversations allow speakers and listeners to focus on vocal tone, much of communication today is completely divorced from any indicator of the speaker’s full intent, because much of it occurs online, where we are required to guess as to the speaker/writer’s intent. I’ve been the victim of something I have written being interpreted in a manner wholly different from my intent–and I know that I have been guilty of that, as well. I guess it’s part of why I am a bit wordy on the Internet–it helps ensure that my listener/reader understands my words as I intended them to be understood.


Cropping Images: Quick Tips for Clean, Polished Photographs

Cropping Images: Quick Tips for Clean, Polished Photographs. I made a deal with a friend of mine that we would take pictures every single day of 2014 and post them to Facebook. I purchased a fancy camera for myself last summer, but I’m not a natural photographer, so I was trying to get better at taking and editing pictures. Unfortunately, the fact that northeast Texas has decided to mirror the North Pole in terms of climate this winter has meant that most of my photographs so far have been of the iPhone and Instagram variety, but I do need to learn how to crop and edit images.

A World Through Lo-Fi: Using Filters on Your Images

A World Through Lo-Fi: Using Filters on Your Images. I’m an Instagram novice (I mainly use it to keep track of calories burned at the gym), but I constantly see how many of my friends and family use those fancy filters and I’m tempted to improve my filtering skills. However, it’s good to read how unnecessary they are.

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